A little bit of a boring topic, but a necessary one! A few things I’ve learned can help get a bit of performance out of your game through optimizing the UI!

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First we are going to go over two types of UI elements, Active canvas items and Static canvas items.

What is important to know is that when things change on the canvas, which is called dirtying the canvas, Unity has to redraw everything within that canvas. That sounds like extra data usage that we can avoid and we can do that by simply dividing active elements…

It has been a bit since my last post however I have some good stuff to show everyone in the next few posts. First however I want to go over the Unity Profiler.

Although I will not go into a super amount of detail but I think it is good to go over this, especially for myself.

In terms of the current status of things, Vuforia was setup fairly easily and painlessly. Using our printed out image as a target, the 3D model horse will appear whenever it is in view of our camera.

With this the Zoo application is done! In retrospect, both the insurance application and the zoo app, I have learned quite a lot of new things… and to be quite honest with you much more difficult things than what I was doing on the game projects!

Scriptable objects was the big takeaway from the Zoo App and I am sure to be using in the future.

For the most part I have been smoothly continuing through working on my basic insurance mobile application. As you saw some of it previously, lets take a look at how it looks now!

In terms of my current App that I am making, I need to have it use the phone camera to take photos of accidents to upload to cases.

Instead of making everything from scratch I have opted to use a plugin that handles the phone camera. Namely a plugin called Native Camera.

Just a short update, as you can see I have turned my Third Person Shooter prototype into a First Person Shooter prototype.

I am not going to go much in depth but I have to say rigging and manual animation was quite fun but also fairly finicky.

The next project I will be starting now is a bit mundane. It is going to be an Insurance Mobile App.

A shooter wouldn’t be complete without a health and damage system right?

This time for this project I decided to make a universal health script for both my test enemy and Player.

As you can see I have gotten a basic Raycast working to hit some targets! (The debug at the bottom right). How did I go about doing it you ask?

Edward Kim

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