A following camera, the clean way.

A short article for today, lets begin.

Now in one of previous projects, I ended up learning quite a lot about Cinemachine and Timeline. Now, that was a 3D game and we also had fixed cameras as well. In the case of this game…

Well as you can see, we have ourselves a nice 2D platformer adventure game. Now the “Dirty” way to have my camera follow my Player would be to just make the Main Camera a child of the Player, but is there a different way?

Why, yes there is and it is basically just as easy.

From what I learned in Cinemachine previously, the virtual cameras actually have a “Follow” field. Simply by having the player as the target we get a following camera!

Pull back the camera a bit, and we got the perfect view! Next up, it’s time to make some ENEMIES. What is a 2D Platform Adventure Game without them?

See you next post!



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