Game Complete! My First Game is finished!

Edward Kim
2 min readApr 18, 2021

It finally ended with my crowning achievement in the form of…

… a final boss fight! My heart when I was able to have it come out, music, sfx and everything all together, felt like it was about to burst.

It was a long road to my first finished game, and well I am tired. At the same time I am EXTATIC. (It will be up on a portfolio site in the next day or so.)

Adding spawn chances, multiple waves, negative pickups, ammunition and even a bomb that creates a powerup for you. I was up working and working not because of a deadline or anything, I just couldn’t stop myself. With every new addition I just got more excited to do another.

My favorite part, creating the kill animation for the boss. A bit cheesy but when that Win music kicks in, it makes me feel all kinds of things.

With this, the 2D Space shooter is now complete (for now). Even now I have this urge to keep adding and bug fix, or improve things in general. Ideas just keep flooding into my head but for now I need to move on to the next project.

I think I need to maybe make the difficulty a little easier on the 2nd to last wave haha, it was quite the struggle playing the game. Testing your game is definitely important!

I hope to see you guys with me on the next project!