Camera Light Show, creating security cameras.

Other than guards, every vault needs a security camera or two. Using what I learned from previous parts of this project, I was able to easily get the cameras animated in timeline and the animator component. The trickier part was how to actually get the camera to go in reverse.

Unity made it fairly easy by just needing to create a reverse in the controller…

… and setting the speed to -1 to go in reverse.

With that we have our own little light show one the museum floor.

The next steps were to create logic for actually seeing Player and causing a game over.

Using again what I learned when creating the guard’s eyes that had similar logic, we could do the same here but instead with a MeshCollider instead of a BoxCollider.

With that setup, just write in some simple code for the Trigger, and add a color change to the camera cones to boot…

The only real issue now, did you see it from this cropped animation?

The player is still in there when it activates the final cutscene and this is where Timeline comes to save the day once again.

You can just easily put in the Player object in a “ActivationTrack” that will enable and disable GameObjects during the TimeLine animation.

With that we have again similar to the guards a set of eyes for our cameras and another lose condition for the Player. With everything I’ve learned in previous implementations, it made this one a cinch.

I am almost to the end of this project, and can’t wait to get it up on my new portfolio site. I’ve learned so much about using Unity itself and C# and can’t wait to keep going.

All that is left is to create some managers and a main menu and we are done!

See you next post!