Current progress… from Third person to First person. A new project awaits.

Just a short update, as you can see I have turned my Third Person Shooter prototype into a First Person Shooter prototype.

I am not going to go much in depth but I have to say rigging and manual animation was quite fun but also fairly finicky.

The next project I will be starting now is a bit mundane. It is going to be an Insurance Mobile App.

Having started already, I definitely have got some things to talk about. Diving into Amazon Web Services and also the Google Maps API was quite a jump into the abyss. I’m still trying to work my head around it, but practice practice practice!

Unity itself actually works quite well just for designing the visuals for an App and its basically the same as making the UI in my previous projects.

Again, mundane but there is a lot to learn and its time to start grinding.

See you next post!




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Edward Kim

Edward Kim

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