Unity Post Processing, let us not overdo it!

Edward Kim
2 min readApr 11, 2021


My game currently looks like this, and well I am quite happy with it so far, however there is a tool I have been introduced to and that is post processing!

With control over things such as Bloom (Oh god the dreaded bloom effect), color grading (Is this how everything is made brown?) and even more, someone who is skilled at this can make a game look and feel totally different with a little post processing. Meanwhile…

Oh god, I should not be allowed to use these effects for now, though a weird part of me strangely enjoys seeing the god forsaken bloom and blue overlay.

Something to definitely keep in mind as I progress through to the final versions of the game. If done right, it can be a world of a difference. Lets try to stay away from the brown and bloom however.

Lets keep on burning the midnight oil, see you next post!