Pseudocode? What I learned and the pain of not using it.

Pseudocode is you writing out your plan for whatever code you are going to write and well this is what it looks like. I asked myself, why bother, why write the code twice. I already know what I want to do!

For some people, this may be true but as I progressed further I realized I started to lose track of my current goals. I would constantly have to think about what to implement, what to code, it became a disaster.

I ended up realizing that pseudocode is essential to keep your head in your objectives.

If I had to compare it to something I would say it is in the same sense as drawing a sketch before you paint. There are artists out there, masters who have drawn so much they go from blank canvas, to paint straight on to finish. Yet there are plenty of masters who still go through the sketch, drafts, lineart into a fully finished painting.

For example, in a recent illustration I did for a collaborative book, I went through almost a 100 roughs and sketches, only to get to a final 3 roughs.

With these final 3, it led me to the finished product here.

The point is, the better your planning is in the beginning, the faster and easier it will be to create your final product. That is something that spans across all types of work. It took some pain for me to realize it.

Don’t forget to write your PSEUDOCODE!

A short article but a necessary one (especially for myself).

Hope to see you next time!