The final cutscene… is the first cutscene? + Timeline with audio.

It is finally done. I’ve finished my final cutscene for the project, polished it up, added audio and we are ready! Here is a snip from it.

One thing I wanted to talk about was how audio works in Timeline as with such a long cutscene, I had to properly align it with all the voiceover work. It is definitely as other things in Unity, very easy to get a handle on.

As I had learned from the previous project, audio files need an audio source component to play. This audio source just drops into the timeline and well, plays as is! How convenient, bless Unity.

When you hit play in Timeline, it just previews the audio along with everything else. With that its just about moving things around until they match up. The SMARTER thing would be to obviously have the audio in there first while you make it but I know for next time!

Now I was told that in older versions of Unity you could not even preview the audio unless you ran the game, and to be quite honest that sounds like hell. Thankfully I am on a version that preview works!

Now that I’ve gone through my crash course learning on Timeline and Cinemachine, it is time to put that coder hat back on.

Making cutscenes was I have to say very fun, and I look forward to getting back to it in other projects.

See you next post!



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