Time to shift perspectives, working with 2D in Unity and Tilemaps.

Tilemaps, the basic part of Unity2D and interestingly enough it felt very familiar. Our normally 3D scene view has turned to a 2D grid and the left has a new Tile palette window. Time to get started and learn!

Although I will not get into it too deeply, with a readied sprite sheet, all I had to do was cut it up into appropriate size tiles for me to use in the Sprite editor. In this case each tile would be 128x128 pixels large. Once cut I could turn it into a tile palette.

However before all this, in my hierachy, I needed to create a Tilemap object which is where the tiles will get put into. You can actually think of this as layers, sort of like in Photoshop. Each tilemap is its own layer of tiles.

With our tile palette loaded it is literally as easy as point, click, paint!

I was actually extremely surprised as how this worked. Memories of the old RPGMaker days flooded back into and there was a huge sense of nostalgia. The painting was straight forward, and even the layer system was easy to grasp atleast for someone who has used painting programs.

Each Tilemap is its own separate layer and you can even focus on a specific one visually to help you paint.

To be quite honest, I had been fairly skeptical about Unity2D. It was always on the less priority section of it but seeing even just how Tilemap works has piqued my interest quite a bit. It is probably the RPGMaker nostalgia but I am sure this will be a great learning experience for me.

See you next post!