Trapped without a way to quit, escaping the game is a feature!

Just a quick one today!

After building the game I had a issue where I actually could not quit the game if it was in full screen.

Now, I am sure game Developers and big companies would love someone to constantly play there game without a quit, but as human beings we need a break right?

I always thought that quitting a program was just a part of some check box. Some button or something that is baked in that you can template into a program. In reality it isn’t and well if you do not create a FEATURE to quit the game, the player will have to most likely kill the process to get out.

Lucky for me the answer was quite simple.

“Application.Quit” will just quit the application on whatever condition you want. Easy and straightforward, lets leave trapping players inside a video game to bad guys in famous anime.

We are almost at the end folks! I’ll see you next post!



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